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Author: 22 Aug 2018

It is pretty common for one to find female escorts. The internet is crawling with information and stories about gorgeous women willing to offer you a great companionship experience. However, the concept of male escorts, although old, is still quite new for people. There are many people who are amazed at the concept.

With mystery as well as excitement around male escorts, here is a compilation of viewpoints of random male escorts and questions about their life:

  • How did you choose to become an escort?

    This question has intrigued many. A certain male escort was asked about how he became a male escort. According to this law student, he graduated from the law college. He got hired as a trainee at a law firm. However, he soon realized that he was working too hard for too less money. He opted out of his job and found the world of escorts. He says that, even though it was a bold choice, he was never afraid of what people would say.

  • What was your first time like?

    The same escort which left his job as a trainee was found to be quite surprised on his first time. He says that a mature woman he would have slept with for free, offered him money to sleep with. This stoked the new escort’s curiosity,and 20 minutes later, the new escort was handed over a handsome sum of money. To his surprise, the escort found a month’s worth of salary which he would have made as a trainee for offering his services for a few minutes. “I accepted the money, not because I needed the money but to boost my self-esteem,” he says.

  • How long do you usually spend with a client?

    Another random escort’s answer to this question is that he would spend around 4-6 hours with a client. However, he says that sometimes he would even be engaged for 24 hours. He sweetly talks with the client, who tells him how she wants to be treated and leaves the intricate details to him. “It is a huge turn on,” this escort says.

  • What does an average session with a client include?

    According to an escort, he would take the women out to shop, long drives, fancy dinners at fancy restaurants, massages and countryside drive. This male escort shares an instance that he as with a client one night after a massage the two ordered room service. Next, they did something totally unplanned and went out for a late night drive. While his client was scared to death, she enjoyed thoroughly. They came back, engaged in a passionate lovemaking session and he massaged her until she fell asleep.

  • Does your daughter know what you do?

    A certain escort was asked this question , and he warmly replied that his daughter was one of the first ones to know about his job. He says that his daughter said that for the past 12 years that she has spent with him, she pretty much suspected. The man says, that although his daughter knows what he does , he spares the details.

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