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Author: 23 Apr 2018

Not many people know about the English town of Kensington but we assure you that it does have its fans and lovers around the world. Apart from having a very old world village feel, the county boasts of some of the hottest and most charming escorts in all of U.K.

These escorts belong to many different places from over the world. They come to the U.K to study and then work as escorts to pay off their huge student loans and debts. Therefore you can expect intelligent and charming young ladies that are capable of providing a service that is exemplary in every way.

A pleasurable bunch of services

The Kensington escorts that you find on our website are capable of providing a wide range of different services with ease. They have regular clients that come to them because of their preference for a particular kind of service that they enjoy.

The escorts of Kensington are capable of providing services like anal sex, cum in mouth, cum on face and the very popular girlfriend experience or GFE amongst many others. The girlfriend experience has recently become the most in demand service for escorts. The clients crave for this service like a bear craves honey!

The girlfriend experience

The girlfriend experience has quickly become virtually the most popular service in the business of escorting. No matter where the clients come from or where the escorts come from, most of the times the clients want to be able to receive this service.

For this service, the job of the escort is straightforward and simple. As the name suggests, the escort has to behave and be like a virtual girlfriend to the client. Most of the times, clients that do not have the tie for a relationship in their life or are going through a breakup, ask for this service.

Accomplished and thorough service

All of the escorts in Kensington are thorough professions and believe in giving it their all when it comes to fulfilling their clients’ needs and wants. They are also very talented and use all of their talents to please their clients and make their fantasies come true.

They are all masters in the art of lovemaking and use a variety of different tricks and techniques to please their different clients. Some of them are even certified masseuses which is why they have a lot of regular clients that keep coming for the magic touch of their hands and fingers.

Apart from the GFE our escorts also provide the following services –]

1- Erotic massage – This is another common favourite among clients as well as escorts. An erotic massage is not only pleasurable for the person receiving the massage but also for the person giving it. It offers the other worldly combination of sensuality and relaxation. The escorts are usually expert masseuses that know which body parts to massage in particular ways so as to make their clients howl with pleasure. The escorts in Mayfair say that they love giving and receiving these erotic massages.

 2- Threesomes – Whether you want to hire two escorts for yourself for a single session or you want to hire one escort for the two of you in a single session, you can easily do that. Our escorts are well versed with threesomes and comfortable with both the iterations of this service. Lately, this service has also been gaining a lot of popularity in the business of escorting. However, nothing comes close to the girlfriend experience in terms of popularity.

3- Showering – Taking a nice shower together is one of the most intimate things in the world. You get to clean each other and engage in as much sensual and erotic pleasure as you want. The great thing about this and all of the other things listed here, is that you can combine all of them to create a memorable experience for the both of you. So, be sure to ask for the ‘sensual shower’ service when booking our girls. Also, they will bring their own oils and soaps for a truly customized experience.

Our escorts are the best for the GFE and other services because they are young, professional, hardworking and intelligent. Nowhere in Kensington will you get that kind of service with ease. Enjoy yourself and make memories!


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