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Author: 28 Jun 2018

There are a whole range of different types of massage available to give relaxation and relief to tense individuals. The most famous and well known is Swedish massage, which is a quite light massage. It is a massage that people get when they primarily want to relax but do not have major aches and pains. It is also the style of massage that I would recommend to newcomers having their first massage as it is the best introduction to massage.

Clearly, many men – and lots of women – visit massage parlours for the type of service where the massage is secondary to the other form of relief available from the massage staff – sexual relief. Lots of massage parlours have staff who offer sexual services and orgasmic relief to clients. It is not only the best escorts Malaga has to offer who can make a client feel good, after all! It is surprising to some people how many women visit massage parlours and pay the massage staff to masturbate them to orgasm. But hey, women get tense and need relief too and not everyone likes to use their electrical friends. The human touch can be as pleasant for a women as it can for a man. And it is not just gay women who use the service, many straight hetero women do too. And most of the staff are happy to go gay for pay.

At the other end of the spectrum is deep tissue massage. This is a more vigorous massage and concentrates more on getting rid of knots in the muscle fibres. If you are suffering from knots, tension and discomfort then this is the massage for you as it is stronger and really helps to reduce muscle tension knots. This can be as deep as you like but I would also like to point out that if a therapist goes too deep on somebody (in a non-sexual way!) it can leave them feeling like you are bruised and beaten. It is important that you tell a therapist if they are going too deep as this varies between different people. What is deep and uncomfortable for one person can e very light for another.

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