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Author: 17 Mar 2017

There has been a terrible boom in male escorts London. While other cities are witnessing a drop in clients, male escorts London are complaining that they often have too much clients than they can handle. It may be hard to conclusively say that one reason or the other is responsible for this ‘negative’ trend – and I would really like to argue that it is a combination of factors but in all of these, I think the environment has got a great role to play.

London is a metropolitan and beautiful city at that which means lots of tourists and visitors come to the city. Male escorts London benefit a lot from the influx of people. This is one privilege that many other male escorts in various other cities do not have. It is estimated that London has more traffic of visitors annually than any other city in the world. Many of the female visitors love to have people take them around the city to see the glamour of the city and who do you think they’ll call? Your guess is as good as mine, Male escorts London.

The most important reason to me is not even the traffic. There are other cities that have nearly as large traffic of transient travelers but their male escorts do not feel the impact of these movements in the male escorting business. It is not that male escorting in those regions are not well developed, there need to be something external that makes the difference and that is where I propose that the environment has the major role. Allow me to explain and I bet you will catch my drift. I propose that the environment is acting in favor of London male escorts. Yes, the environment and the cold precisely.

London has one of the coldest months and is only behind Russia in term of cold. Just like lizards bask in the sun when the weather is cold, so do humans want to get to places that will make them a little bit warm when there is cold. Jackets and heavy clothing don’t usually do the work as perfectly as being in gatherings do. This is why an average London citizen is a party freak. Women always like to have company and guess who they will pick if they have no boyfriends, male escorts London. The cold weather has been working in favor of male escorts London. Even statistics have shown that there are more activities in the colder seasons than in the hot months. If you have been to London before you will understand what I means.

Throughout the months I spent there, I can count how many weeks that went by without one event or the other being organized – some on a low key and others on a very high note. I think male escorts London are a lucky bunch and if you intend to be a male escort, I will suggest you join London male escorts because you will be certain to see your career blossom there unlike certain other areas where you may find it hard getting clients and ultimately struggle to make a living doing something you are passionate about – which is not ideally meant to be so.

I spoke with some male escorts London and I was surprised at what they said. One of them looked me into the eyes and said, “Male escorts are always very busy people because there are always clients out there who need escorting.” It was obvious this dude is less travelled or he would not have said that. If only he knew how male escorts in certain places struggle to make a living, he will be glad and appreciate male escorts London even more and give a little kudos to the environment too. He was ready to argue with me on the matter but how could I even think of wasting my energy to argue with him? I only told him what it felt like out there in the larger world, dusted myself and left. I have learned that it was futile arguing with people who are blinded by ignorance. With the coming of global warming, I fear that male escorts London may soon be in the terrible position many regions have found themselves. Hence, male escorts London should join in on eco campaign.

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