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Author: 26 Oct 2018

Elite Society London is an escort agency operating as a booking agency. We cooperate with top London escorts, but we do not employ them. We have an arrangement with our stunning escort that they pay us some percentage from the arranged meetings but these ladies are, and we are not responsible for their taxes and their earnings.

Escort girls should pay taxes

Escorts in London are obligated to pay taxes from their earnings. HMRC does not care if you are a sex worker or a plumber as long as you pay taxes. We, at Elite Society London, always advise our new escort ladies to register themselves as self-employed and there are plenty of accountants for escorts in London. These escort accountants offer help and legal advice for men and women working in the escort industry.

It is legal to work as a sex worker

Doing escorting job it does not mean you are not legal or doing anything against the law it is quite the opposite. Any escort girl can register herself as a sex worker or anything she likes as long as she register herself with HMRC. London escort industry is so big that it attracts all professional, there is a lot of help for escort ladies. There are lawyers for escorts, the accountant for escorts and even letting agents for escorts. In result, you can get any legal and financial advice without worries to be judge or feeling that you need to hide what you do.

Elite Society London has ten years of experience in the escort industry. We can help and advise newcomers on anything relating to escort profession. If you are thinking to become an escort lady feel free to give us a call and we will help as much as we can. Escort industry in the UK is the safest and legal like almost nowhere in the world.

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