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Author: 03 Nov 2017

Sexual fantasies are just as they normally do not happen in genuine life. London escorts at Happy London Escorts are just the Ticket with their ingenious dirty minds making most fantasies come to life behind closed doors with overall discretion. So here is just a creep peak into some of their wildest fantasies.

  1. Plumber to fix her pipes:

A good-looking babe waits alone for the plumber – her pipes have burst and she is powerless. Hearing a knock at the door, she runs to answer it only to get you on the other side. Looking into each other’s eyes, you are overcome with sexual attraction; she is the Angel-like beauty in distress but is agitated by her desire for you. You sense the attraction and get her against the wall as you can feel her wetness as you lift up her dress. She wraps up her legs around you.

  1. Workplace:

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Wearing a tight miniskirt and shirt, a professional London escort with a cute face is about to run off work for the night when you call her into your office. As her boss, she has invented about you in bed more than once. She enters your office, and you close the door behind her. If she is wishing to dominate by you, then she will feel your skin on her neck. You whisper to her “Do you like me?” and she speaks softly in reply, “Yes”, and pops the buttons on her blouse to reveal her nude breasts. You bend her over your desk, ripping her miniskirt to divulge her silk panties.

  1. Outdoor:

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While having an apparently guiltless picnic in the park turns raunchy, you will slip your hand up your girl’s dress. She attempts to resist although with little effort because as soon as your fingers are inside her panties she is weak. She understands she should not but the risk of getting caught is forming her even wet and the effort it gets trying not to gripe with pleasure. You guess nothing in return and as soon as she has finished you lift a strawberry and nosh it to her.

  1. Party:

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You are at an unexciting party when your sizzling lady tells you she is going to the bathroom. Seizing your occasion to have a miraculous bash and give you both a high you go after her inside locking the door behind you. Surprising her with your attendance you choose her up and sit her on the sink sliding your hands up her naked legs just like a scene from a movie. You pull her dress lower her breasts and suck on her nipples as she unzips you. Spreading her legs thick you set her with ease, feeling the warmth. In the end, you cannot help but gripe with joy as you release inside her.

If any of these scenarios irritate your fancy then why not check out our gallery and attempt it out with one of our London escorts.

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