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Author: 10 Sep 2018
It is way too hot at the moment. I know we shouldn’t complain but when the temperature regularly hits 40 degrees and way more it is hard to remain focused. Finding ways to keep cool are always a priority in the kind of heat that we face in Spain during the summer. People from Northern Europe think of ther siesta as a kind of lazy and erotic brief break. It is not. In this kind of summer heat it is a physical and psychological necessity. Most especially when you have to work and get on with normal life rather than sitting on a beach for hours.

It Is Way Too Hot

Not that I have anything against sitting on a beach for hours, let alone anything against tourists and visitors who bring their money here to spend with us local business people. And for some people, keeping their tan topped up is a business necessity, as is keeping fit and looking good. Geneva escorts for example, have to spend time “lazing on the beach” whether they like it or not! A professional escort girl whose business success depends on her looks had better have a tan working around the Med in the summer!

Anyway, yesterday, not having the time to get to a local beach park, find an unoccupied space, get set up, get comfortable, and then it all again in reverse to come home, I found what I thought was a compromise. As the afternoon heat continued to grow and as my own feeling in desperate need of a lazy moment grew with it, I changed into my swimsuit and headed out to my private pool.

Before you think “ooh, how grand, listen them bragging” let me tell you I live in a little finca in the mountains near some woods and a river. I watch TV programmes about Tiny Houses and some of them are larger than my house. But here in Spain, it is just accepted that if you have any space outside, you will dig a whole, waterproof it and spend a few euros on a pump and filtration system. The price of all this is far lower than it in in the United Kingdom due to basic supply and demand.

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