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Author: 05 Oct 2018

Relationships have always been demanding and have always demanded time. However, if it was a matter of only offering time to a woman, it would hardly be a difficult situation. But when you want a meaningful experience with a woman of your choice, you need to devote some time as well.

Hectic work schedules and the fact that not everyone can understand you have left many men alone and sad. So, if you are looking for an experience that will help you find the perfect GFE experience in Central London, then Celina – Oriental Escorts is the person for you.

Are you interested in knowing what she thinks about and feels about her experiences with past clients, then here is a sneak peek of an interview that was held a couple of months ago:

What type of clients do you prefer?

If you require an independent oriental escort in London or any other nearby areas, who do you call? Me! And I am proud of the fact that I am preferred by many people and have many regular clients who wish to spend some of their time with me.

If you ask me what type of a client I prefer, then I would have to say my ideal type is always between the early thirties to mid-sixties. I have always loved the company of mature gentlemen. As my life has been, I have personally found that mature and older men know how to treat a lady right. I enjoy my time the most with men who are older than me.

How would you describe yourself to a client?

Well, my website is pretty much clear on what kind of a person I am. However, if you have to ask, I’d be more than happy to share my thoughts about me. Over the number of years that I have worked in this industry, I have found that women are loved more when they are amazing in person. Against the general notion that bodies are what turn on men, men love women they can connect to. And I bring just that to the table. Taking care of my body was a personal choice honestly, but am known to be funny, peppy, outgoing and super fun to hang out with.
All of these attributes have made me quite popular and has made me earn many clients.

What do you like the most about your work?

My work is quite different from the normal kind of work that you have seen and heard of. I have always found my work to be interesting. My work has taken me to various places and has allowed me to experience a lot of things.

But the best thing that I like about my work is the fact that I get to meet new people, people from various walks of life who simply enjoy spending time with me. However, to be honest, I love my job dearly,and every aspect of my work is quite memorable and enjoyable for me.

Do you recall your first GFE Experience?

Yes, I do, and I remember it very clearly. I was at this dinner meeting that I had set up with a client. When I accepted the client’s offer, I did not know exactly what would happen. However, that day, I simply dressed up and left for my appointment. When I met him, he brought me flowers, a huge bouquet and we had dinner at a high-end restaurant. Dinner and wine made both of us happy.

Next, rather than going to the apartment, he asked if I minded going out for a walk. I did not mind it, so we walked hand in hand and talked for a long time. My first GFE experience was with this client, and I cannot forget it. It was nice and wonderful, quite different if you ask me.

Are you open to GFE experiences even now?

Yes, of course, I am.

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