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Author: 29 Dec 2017

London is a very vibrant city with some very pleasing sights and sounds. The people of London are very warm and welcoming, especially the escorts. London escorts will cater to your every need and fantasy in a very thorough and professional manner.


The profession of escorting is a very demanding and tough job to have. It requires girls and women to have mastery over a number of different skills. It is also a very great job that lets you travel if you wish to different parts of the world.


The life of an escort is filled with dates with random people. They could be from her part of the world or from somewhere else. The escort is required to be able to handle and manage people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.


Here’s some of the qualities required to become an escort in London –


  • Good looking – This is more of a trait than a quality but it goes without saying that to be an escort, a girl needs to be good looking and gorgeous. The whole profession is based on the good looks of the escort. If an escort is not really good looking then she will really have to struggle. The escorts get their jobs usually when the clients selects them by looking at their pictures. If the client sees someone better looking, then they will select that escort.


  • Intelligent and knowledgeable – Most people scoff at the suggestion that escorts need to be intelligent and knowledgeable but it is true. An escort needs to be intelligent and knowledgeable since her clients can be from anywhere in the world. She should be able to have a conversation and hold her own during it. Also, intelligence helps in a business that has to do with spending intimate moments with strangers.


  • Fashionable – An escort needs to have a sense of style and dress in a way that can make men go weak in the knees or feel intimidated if the occasion demands it. They need to have dresses and get ups for all occasions. Sometimes, escorts are also required to work out call jobs where they may be required to accompany a client to a private or professional gathering. The escort needs to be prepared. Sometimes it is also required for the escorts to make specific purchases for specific occasions. So they also need to know the best stores for particular clothes.


  • Well mannered – It is a myth that escorts are foul mouthed women with no regard for any courtesy and decency. This is far from the truth. Escorts are required to be sophisticated in the way they dress, speak and present themselves. A disregard for courtesy doesn’t feature anywhere in the list. Sometimes the client will want to take the escort to a date or an outing, while other times the client may require the services of the escort for a gathering of a personal or professional nature. The escort should be able to handle each and every request without much hassle and the right amount of manners and dignity.


  • Listening skills – An escort should have great listening skills. Clients usually seek out the company of escorts either when they’re really happy or when they are extremely sad. In any case, they do feel chatty most of the time in the company of an escort. It is pertinent for the escort to develop her listening for such sessions. This way, they can get to know their clients better and serve or treat them better in the due course of their professional relationship. They can also learn much about human nature, about things that any other ordinary person will never have the chance to learn about.


  • Charm – If an escort is in possession of this quality and knows how to use it effectively then she will have a long and very successful career. Having charm is having a great power. If the escort can dive deep and figure out herself as a person then she can eventually be charming. Using that charm to capture the hearts and minds of her clients is what an escort should do or has to do. Therefore charm is probably the most important skill set that an escort can possess.


  • Conversational abilities – The life of an escort is not just about listening but also about speaking. A good escort knows what to say, when to say and how to say it. She uses her words as carefully as drops of previous nectar – using is sparingly but wisely and during precise moments. In the course of the work, an escort may be required to accompany a client or two for an out call job. This is where their conversational abilities will be put to the test. Having a command over any language can be a good start to having a command over a roomful of people.


  • Discretion – This quality is the most important quality or skill that an escort needs to have. All the stakeholders in the escorting business require everything to be very private and discreet. Some of the clients are married and don’t want their clandestine meetings with their escorts to be known to their loved ones. It also benefits the escort somewhat if everyone is discreet about what goes on between her and her client. A good escort always maintains discretion and knows how to keep things professional and private for the benefit of all.


The above mentioned skills are the most important for an escort to possess in order to be extremely successful in their career. They need to really have all of the skills locked and ready for deployment if they want to be able to provide for themselves.


The escorts in London have some of the most glamorous lives and also the toughest. However, like every professional in the world, they too need to possess certain skills and qualities that enable them to have their job.


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