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Author: 06 Jun 2018

Asian massage is considered one of the most exotic services in the business of escorting! Since the massage is very culturally specific, it comes as no surprise that most often it is rendered by escorts of Asian descent or ethnicity.

Massage has been around for many centuries and has evolved into what it is today – a time of relaxation and pleasure!

Here are some zany facts about Asian massages

1- The oldest form of medical therapy – There are many cultures all over the world that have used massage as a form of medical therapy. Long before there were surgeons and surgeries, there was the message, of helping patients relax and at times even relieve them of their ailments! The Asian massage especially was one of the best massages thanks to the ancient knowledge of the human mind and body of the Asians, which they incorporated into the massage! The Asian massage has been around since 2,500 BC and will definitely stick around for many more years to come.

2- The body is sensitive – There are more than 5 million different touch receptors strewn all over our body! This is exactly why the massage is such a sensory and all-encompassing experience! It activates various different regions of your brain and helps your body and mind enter a state of relaxation. The trained masseuses know of various techniques which relieve the stress in your joints and muscles. There are over 640 different muscles in the body which only means that the job of the masseuses is cut out for them!

3- Codes for happy endings – In the modern world, whether it is an Asian massage in London or in Thailand, it has come to be associated with a happy ending. A happy ending is when the client orgasms, in the end, thanks to the talented of their masseuses. There are many massage parlors that render the happy ending service for you but there is usually a code to be able to receive them. Just figure out what it is or discretely ask the masseuse for it.

4- The Asian escorts are trained masseuses – you may have thought that the escorts that render the service of Asian massage are just doing it on the fly or aren’t really trained in massaging techniques. However, you’re in for a pleasant shock as not only are the escorts trained in the various massage techniques of Asia but most of them are also certified masseuses! If you’re in London and looking to get a decent and pleasurable massage then you would do well if you booked any of the escorts that you find here! They will ensure that you reach different planes of pleasure and feel relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the session!

5- The oils are very important – To an outsider, the oils may seem like an unnecessary accessory, but in truth, they are extremely important to the whole process of massaging. The escorts use really exotic and specific oils which they source themselves from various different parts of the world. These oils have calming and relaxing properties. Some of them also have strengthened properties whereas others have the power to help your skin glow and rid it of toxins! Often, the escorts are faced with clients who know their oils and request specific ones for their sessions!

6- It’s a multi-sensory experience – A lot of people assume that when it comes to the massage, it is an experience felt through the touch only. While touch is probably most important when it comes to a massage, it is not limited to just that. Right when you go in for an Asian massage in London, you will notice the pleasant aroma and soothing music playing in the background. That coupled with the sweet and healing touch of your masseuse is the overall massaging experience. Except for the sense of taste, all your sense are taken into account and eased into relaxation with gentleness.


All of the above-mentioned points are facts related to ancient and awesome Asian massage. If you’re looking to have a pleasurable and relaxing time in London then book one of our talented Asian escorts now!

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