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Author: 25 Feb 2020

Massage domination is a rather new and very popular service offered by numerous erotic masseuses from around the world. In fact, massage domination Paris demands are higher than ever. This is mainly because of the new sensations that are offered by performing actions that are surprisingly arousing and attractive for a growing number of people.

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What Is Massage Domination?

Massage domination is known under many different names. At its core, it is a form of sensual domination, which is considered to be mild or soft dominance. The massage practically takes a domination form. The exact form depends from one situation to the next and from one client to the other.

In many cases, sensual domination is the first thing that vanilla couples do when they dab in BDSM. They use oils, ropes, feathers, ice cubes and blindfolds in order to explore. The experience can also include role-playing and other fetishes.

Massage domination is all about experiencing something completely new. Based on a discussion with the masseuse, different rules can be set so that the meeting can be as enjoyable as possible.

Either the masseuse or the client takes the role of the submissive partner. In the case of massage domination, it is the client that usually is the submissive partner. Toys can be used, based on personal desires and wishes.

How To Find Massage Domination Services

When you look for a masseuse to offer massage domination, it is really important to find someone that you completely trust and that you are comfortable with. One of the worst things that can happen is to end up not being comfortable since it is impossible to enjoy a domination session as this happens.

Obviously, you can look online specifically for such a service. This will surely allow you to find many service providers.

What To Consider When Going For Massage Domination

Massage domination is rather new in the industry and you need to be a little careful. Simply because someone tells you that they will offer massage domination does not mean that the service is exactly as it should be. Due to this, it is very important that you first meet the masseuse and you talk to her/him to take the all-important mutual decisions.

When you discuss details with the masseuse, you have to go way beyond the classical price tag. Money should actually be secondary since what is very important is creating a safe environment where all your senses can be enticed.

Talk about what type of domination you enjoy or you want to try. Some prefer the use of toys while others want to experience a completely sensual massage domination. In the latter case, keep in mind that this is much more difficult and requires much more experience from the masseuse.

Make sure to ask about the experience that the masseuse has with the specific type of massage domination you want. The more experienced, the better the massage! Also, do not shy away from asking what the masseuse enjoys. If you could make the experience more enjoyable for her, you might end up receiving an even better massage.

Safety First

As with any sensual experience out there, the last thing that has to be mentioned is that the safety of those involved needs to come first. If there are rules discussed, they have to be respected. Also, you should only agree to be offered massage domination at a highly respected massage parlor that you can research and that you know will properly take care of you. The experience is highly personal and unique so it needs to be special.


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