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Author: 16 Apr 2019

Prostitutes vs Escorts

Prostitution and escorts – for most, these terms go hand in hand. Most of the individuals out there tend to confuse with the terms prostitution & escort services. However, it is important to analyze the difference between the two. When you understand the difference between prostitutes and escorts, it can help you in availing exclusive services with much ease. For most individuals who are traveling to Birmingham, it becomes a matter of ignorance that hampers their plans of hiring professional Birmingham Escorts.

The Popularity of Birmingham

Birmingham is referred to as the adult services, night clubs & companionship services. As such, unless you are aware of the difference between prostitutes & escorts in Birmingham, it will be increasingly difficult for you to hire exclusive escort services in Birmingham from us.

Whatever might be the origin, Birmingham is famous in the world for embracing the tradition of including the red light areas in & across the city for ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of the clients. Even after its reputation of being the sensual capital of the world, it has only been recently that Birmingham has legalized the act of prostitution in the modern-day city. While prostitution might have been legalized in recent times, escort services in & around Birmingham have been in operation for quite a long time.

Prostitution & Escort Services in Birmingham

With the overall popularity of the escort services in Birmingham over prostitution, the independent girls from a reliable escort agency are able to harness their skills & talents towards delivering top-class escort services to the clients. By remaining independent and renting space for allowing escort services, the window girls are able to operate legally. This is because these girls are not technically plying the specific trade publicly (like in case of prostitution), but are approached in a private manner through the respective escort agency. Though the reality might be far from the cry of truth, still the authorities in the city of Birmingham tolerate the overall practice of escort services & sex tourism in and around Birmingham.

In the modern Birmingham city, escort services are made fully legal. However, as far as brothels and independent prostitutes are concerned, they are required to hold a state license for operating. Moreover, the minimum legal age of the escorts is now 21 years. The authorities in Birmingham continue providing protection to the escort workers. This is achieved by offering 24/7 surveillance of the streets and corners of the city. Moreover, the authorities are also known for offering full-range police assistance to the independent escort workers. If you want to know some reasons before hiring an escort in Birmingham then read our other blog. In addition to this, frequent health testing & monitoring with respect to maintaining the professional standards are some of the ways in which the escort industry is being regulated.

Understand the potential difference between prostitution and escort services to make the most of sex tourism in Birmingham.

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